HOW TO: Cat eye

Hi loves!

Cat eyes are a classic makeup style of any season of the year. Classic cat eye will always be timeless and you can wear it for any occasion, during the day or at night. It supplements any makeup look that you create and it just makes such a difference because it optically lifts your eyes. You also don’t have to think a lot about outfits too because different types of cat eyes allows us to combine them with almost any outfit you can imagine, from rock to parisian chic.

daša lavrič

But first you have to learn how to create classic cat eye. If you have now idea how to create it I first recommend you to use crayon yeux pencil eyeliner and small angled brush because this is the best way you can learn how to do it. And then when you get used to it, you’ll be able to create it with any eyeliner. For this look I chose KIKO Milano Intense Colour long lasting crayon jeux eyeliner 15.

Step by step gallery:

cat eye