I’m so thrilled to share with you this article tonight. Being aware of all the aspects of my child’s development is something that is just inevitable for me and my partner, so in this article, I’d just like to enclose you what we learn through this process, our experiences and success with this approach of parenting.

I read some articles, that speak about ‘How to adopt a holistic approach’. My personal opinion is, that you simply can’t adopt such a behaviour, approach to your child. You can’t learn to be this way. There are just two options here: either you are more of a holistic person, or you’re not. There is no other way. Being a holistic parent means that you see your child as a full person and you’re very much aware of all the aspects of his or her development. Not just health and mental ones. You simply don’t focus just on your child’s condition, you focus on the wellness of the entire being. It sounds complicated, but if you’re a holistic person, now you know exactly what I’m talking about.

holistic approach of patenting

Every person has a few aspects: physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspect and all of them are very important. A holistic approach to child’s development seeks to simultaneously address all the aspects of the child’s life. As a holistic parent you’re always attentive to all of them and you just never neglect one of them. As a parent, you have to be aware of how choices and actions are interconnected and how they can impact your child’s well-being. Healthy and peaceful living of the entire family should be your first priorities in general. But if you’re a holistic person, I’m very much sure, that you’re holistic in lots of ways, not just with your child.

holistic approach of patenting

Me and my partner will always be working on the holistic development of our baby girl, encouraging her to strive for wholeness and healthy living and we want her to gain proper balance in all aspects of her life. We just don’t know how to be parents the other way. We both very much find ourselves in this approach and here’s actually nothing that we would do differently. We easily work as a team, as a true family. I have to say, in the first year of Mia’s life, my partner and I had great success with a holistic approach. Mia responded to it very well, which isn’t even a surprise, because when you treat your baby holistically, he or she will be pleased with everything you do.

There’s also one more thing here, which I think very much affected Mia’s pleasure and trust in us as her parents; we were always looking to oneself her needs. Meaning having a strict schedule is really important because then, the baby doesn’t even have to tell you that he or she needs something or that somethings wrong. You always take care of all his or her needs way before he or she becomes aware that something’s not well. I think that this was one te vital parts of our approach towards our newborn and now, when her 1st birthday is just around the corner, she’s grown into such a lovely, happy, satisfied, courageous baby girl.

I wrote down for you just a few tips for if you ever decide to consider a holistic approach to parenting. When following holistic practices, you should first:

  • Know that your child is your greatest teacher,
  • always spend time with your child, whatever you do,
  • develop a respectful, nurturing approach towards your child,
  • co-sleeping is very much fun,
  • minimize toxins in your family’s environment,
  • create simple, slow-living environment for your family,
  • always make educated parenting decisions and don’t ever listen to anyone, just your own instincts,
  • teach your child the virtues of care and respect towards nature and other individuals,
  • make eating fun, healthy experience (BLW- Baby Led Weaning)
  • restrict your child’s exposure to advertisements,
  • DON’T disconnect your child from healthy social life.
holistic approach of patenting

There is also one more thing, which I’d like to mention and I’m writing this from my personal experiences, unfortunately. It’s really important that you surround yourself with people who support you with using this approach of holistic development of your child. Surround yourself with people with whom you can talk to, exchange knowledge and experiences, not with the people who don’t and won’t understand your understanding of a child’s development. Me and my partner have been through some really rough times with some of our family members, but we simply kept going, because this is the only way we know how to be parents. It’s natural for us, but it was so hard being constantly terrorized, humiliated and physically maltreated. Every single day. Getting absolutely no compliments and no support, just bad bad bad. Why is she eating this way, why you let her yell and sing, why is she dancing, why is she laughing so loud, don’t let her do this, why you let her do that, why don’t you use NO, why this, why that…?! It was crazy! So PLEASE, remove yourself from downers like this, don’t let them come near your baby, but if they do, always stay close to your child. Just don’t let anyone be fortunate enough to ruin your connection with your child or to mix some other approaches with your parenting choice. This is your way of parenting and you should be proud any time when you look at your child and see how amazing he or she is and how amazing work you did.

Thank you so much for reading this article. I wery much enjoyed writing it for you. If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to comment in the down section, you can always send me an email or dm me on Instagram! Have a lovely weekend everyone!