Giving birth to the first child is one of the biggest events in every woman’s life. It’s one of the most important and the most profound moments. The sacred gift of childbirth should be very special experience for every woman, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Especially not here where I live.

Just a thought of a new life entering the world out of you seems scary and really painful, especially when you’re pregnant and you know that this event is simply inevitable. I really was scared at first, but then I simply decided not to enter mommy forums, not to buy books and I just embraced the mystery of the childbirth, so I didn’t even think of it that much. I programmed myself this way and I didn’t surround myself with all the questions and fear. I decided to enjoy my pregnancy as much as I can. I was calm. I went through my pregnancy with just a tiny thought of this event, because I knew that it’s going to be everything just fine.

Since my pregnancy was absolutely dreamy and pleasant, I was very much looking forward to a labour day with all the enthusiasm and happiness, especially the last month. When I got first serious contraction in the middle of the night, I just didn’t want to wake up my fiancé, so I managed to get back to sleep, right until the next contraction woke me up. This kept going for the whole night and when he woke up, I told him that I’m on labour. He stayed perfectly calm, he made me a breakfast, warm bath, then lunch and timed my every contraction during the day. When my contractions were very intense and not spaced far apart (approx. 5 minutes), we decided to leave for maternity hospital. We were so happy to welcome our baby girl to this world, not even close aware of what’s going to happen in the next few days.

When I checked into Ljubljana’s Maternity Hospital, I was already 4 cm dilated so I was practically on labour. I was immediately rushed into delivery room and everything happened so fast and the only thing that I can remember are rough, intolerant and impolite hospital staff. The delivery room truly looked like a slaughter house, everything was so cold, inhumane and very unpleasant. No one asked me about my birth plan, how do I want to give a birth, in which position, what are my wishes or anything. They simply laid me down on my back, connected me to all the medical devices and that was it. I was completely locked down and I simply couldn’t even move. The furniture for participants was like from a rubbish dump; my fiancé got one broken chair without any back or hand rest. We were also both very much shocked that he didn’t get any protective suit, no hat, gloves, nothing, even though, we have huge bills for health insurance every month and he also had to pay 20 eur for participation in delivery room. He really should at least get some protective clothes right? Then I noticed that the hospital staff is changing like crazy. There was not even one person who was with me from the beginning till the end of my labour, which was very quick, just 4 hours. Hospital staff was totally unorganised, very unprofessional, rough and impolite.

As just this all wasn’t enough, here comes much more so prepare your throw up containers and try to hold on here.

They were entering delivery room, not knowing what’s going on, then yelling all around looking for the person who was with me before, looking for informations what’s going on. While I was right at the end of my labour, right before the birth of my baby, again, no one even asked me if I feel comfortable in the position in which I was tied in; on my back. I couldn’t even move. Two midwife assistants held me down with one hand and with other, they were pushing very hard and rough on my belly with all their strength, just like do it already. They were very cruel and rough so when I gave a birth to Mia, I started to cry inconsolably and that not because I was happy that she’s finally here, but because I was emotionally hurt by the behaviour and inappropriate vocabulary by these two unprofessional midwife assistants. Anyways, I’m very much thankful to this day that I didn’t have absolutely no complications while giving birth, because in this case, I don’t even dare to think what could have happened to me or to my baby in such a unprofessional and disgusting institution.

I have to be very clear here, I’m not by no means spoiled or sensitive but we both just expected much more humane quality service, at least sterile! The attitude from the hospital staff should be much more professional, since this is the hospital in the main city of the state and it should be very much the role model to the others. I really hope it’s not, because then, I’m giving birth somewhere in some foreign country the next time.

After giving birth, my fiancé wanted to arrange single room for me and our daughter, which wasn’t possible because there isn’t any! There is also absolutely no possibility, not even if you’re prepared to pay any amount of money, that the new family can stick together next few days in the hospital. They simply have the practice of ripping new families apart, which also isn’t something that is a matter of habit in maternity hospitals in many other countries. One hour after Mia was born, my fiancé had to go out and buy me food because I was so hungry after giving birth and there was no way to get any sort of a meal in the hospital. Staff was again, very impolite and they just didn’t gave us much time to say goodbye even. When my fiancé left, it was one of the hardest moments in my entire life. When I turned back and he was no where to be seen, I just broke into pieces. I was emotionally completely broken and frustrated after this horrible experience without anyone to talk to. Soon after Mia started to cry. She cried the whole night and now starts the Part two of this article, which will be live on Friday.

Loves, thank you so much for reading this article, it really means a lot to me sharing this story. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments down bellow, I’m very much looking forward to read what’s on your mind. I will be back with you soon. Good Night!