Hi loves,

I’m back with another post about my pregnancy and this time about all the three trimesters. I could have written three different posts, but it feels kinda boring to me doing something similar as majority of bloggers. And not just that. I want to share with you my experience because I want you to get some useful informations for your own self and not because it something I have to do and it’s a practical theme because I’m a ‘blogger’.

First trimester; 3-13 week

My pregnancy was very easy, so easy that I didn’t even figure out that I’m pregnant for almost entire first trimester. There was absolutely no sickness, no dizziness, no changes in appetite, no mood swings, nausea or headache and to tender brests. There was absolutely nothing that would signal that I’m pregnant. That’s also maybe why I was is such a disbelief and denial when my future sister in law and my best friend told me that I was pregnant. And that also leaded to even bigger shock later when the pregnancy test was pozitive.

Anyways, not even one pregnancy is the same but you can still learn from my experience. When your pregnancy happenes, you simply cannot be sure that you’ll have any signs that you’re pregnant. You might not even know. So ladies, be more careful and protective to your own self and your life and don’t be such an irresponsible and careless person like me and just check your period and pay attention to it. I’m not saying this in a way that I made a horrible mistake, because my daughter is the best thing that’s happened to me. I just wish that I would be more cautious so pregnancy wouldn’t be such a shock and I could enjoy it more. Speaking of that, pregnancy wasn’t such a ‘shock’ just for me, but especially for some other people too. Some of them really didn’t expect that so that’s why I went through some very rough time in the later months of my pregnancy.

As soon as my pregnancy test was positive, I booked an appointment at my gynaecologist. I was so scared and still in denial but as soon as she did ultrasound, her eyes got super big and they start sparkling so then I knew it, I definitely am pregnant. I got super dizzy and I almost faint right there at that chair so she gave me a glass of water and then she carefully showed me my baby. I was already in my twelve week of pregnancy and the baby was absolutely perfect. When I saw Mia at that monitor for the first time, everything changed. I wasn’t scared any more and right then I knew that everything’s gonna be just fine. And it was. I continiued with my pregnancy and nothing changed actually, I just started to take vitamins for my baby and that was all.

Because I got pregnant unintentionally, I didn’t prepare my body for it. My body weight wasn’t ideal and I also didn’t take any vitamins, minerals or supplements in advance. You can maybe check on that if you’re planning to have a baby so you can prepare your body for a few changes and don’t worry, soon after giving birth, your body will be back to normal. But I really recommend you to not to worry too much on a weight gain because now your job is to grow a healthy human being in your body.

Second trimester; 14-27 week

The second trimester was also super easy for me. I had absolutely no pregnancy symptoms of whatsoever.

I could do shootings during the whole entire super hot summer day in Barcelona and I always felt amazing.

Never really tired or anything. The most exciting thing was actually that my belly got bigger, oh and the ultrasound when you get to know the sex of your baby and the first kicks were also super exciting.

I felt really amazing all the time and I’m very much happy that I had such a lovely experience with my first pregnancy, but sadly, that doesn’t go for most of the women. Back pain, increased sweating, headaches, dizziness, dental gingvitis, pain in lower belly, low back pain, sharp pains in hips and grain, stretch marks, swollen feet (caused by hormone relaxin and some pregnant women actually experience and increase of half or full shoe size), constant feeling of hunger, gestational diabetes, varicose veins are all very common symptoms in the second trimester of pregnancy and if you experience any of severe mentioned symptoms, don’t hesitate and contact your doctor immediately. It’s also very common for depression to develop during pregnancy. 23% of women struggle with prenatal depression symptoms and if you ever feel anxious or said, just please tell your partner and call your doctor, you don’t have to be alone. I also very much recommend you to consider doing a test for chromosomal differences in the second trimester. It’s just precaution that’ll help you to be calm during your pregnancy.

Besides of the famous, notorious pregnancy glow, which is caused by increased blood flow and oil production in skin, there are also few symptoms that are there to enjoy. I practiced yoga and meditation during my all pregnancy and it never felt better to be honest and I highly recommend you to find the best yoga teacher in invest in this practice because not that it just reduces severe back pain during pregnancy, but you’ll feel so good! Full hair volume is also one of the amazing things that can happen and oh yes, second trimester is also the best time to really start to decorate baby’s room. Go shopping for car seat and stroller and just to enjoy food as much as you wish. I also actually felt a kick when Mia liked something I just ate, that was much fun! Keeping diverse menu is really important, because babies who are exposed to wide variety of flavours in utero ofter turn out to be better eaters, so don’t hesitate, just eat it all girl haha!

Third trimester; 28-40 week

At this point I felt that my pregnancy is almost done, but my belly kept getting bigger and bigger because my baby still had some serious growing to do. I felt phenomenal, still without any sight effects. Third trimester is honestly the only time when I felt like I’m pregnant, but there are no severe happenings. My feet got a bit swollen, but my fiancé really got such a good care of me; I got completely free spa service right at home, almost every night, so I could keep up with his work as a professional blogger haha. Joke aside, I really felt so good and the expectations of my baby was above all the clouds. Baby room was ready, we bought every single thing we could possibly thought we could need and then I came across to the Blood Banking, when you decide to do a stem-cell collection for your child. I’m planning to write a post why and how we decided to do this, but if I recap the whole concept and process; stem-cells are collected after birth from the umbilical cord and later they can be potentially used to treat various illnesses of your child. Blood Banking is expensive, but at this point nothing more than Mia’s health is important for me so I agreed to it without any hesitation and I highly recommend you to check it out.

Carriying extra weight in third trimester was sometimes challenging for me but I felt really good. I was still practicing yoga and meditation twice a day an believe me, there is nothing better than the long walk on the fresh air, a warm bath in the evening when you come home and a really good foot massage by your partner right before you go to bed. Trust me, you’ll have a very good night sleep.

I experienced quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions and I found them kinda weird and funny because my belly got rock hard and I felt really light and not progressive contraction in terms of intensity, but don’t worry, you’re going to experience serious contractions when giving birth. These contractions are spaced relatively far apart and are not painful and are a nice sign that you’re body is preparing to give a birth to a tiny human being.

After week 35, prenatal appointments will me much more regular, about once a week and after 38 week you’ll feel like you’re just about to pop. Literally. At this point, every weird happening or funny feeling can be a start of a labour: contractions (rhythmic repeated cramps), throbbing back pain, dizziness, felling like the baby’s dropping further into the pelvis, your water may break before contractions, maybe after, maybe even not, there are many different ways how the labour can start. If I can give you one advice, don’t listen to anyone besides your doctor. At this point you have to stay calm, happy and rested and whatever happens will be all right. Don’t let anyone to scare you, because giving birth is one of the most amazing things that will happen to you in you life. I will be writing more about my labour experience in my next article and for now, I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post just as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

Will be back with you soon loves! Have a lovely night!