I know it’s been such a long time since the latest review on some of the makeup products. I’m finally back with the new one, the one on my favourite single eyeshadows out there.

Kiko Milano has been one of my favourite makeup brands since I started to play with makeup actually. It’s been a brand on which I could always count on when I was looking for some special products and this hasn’t changed. Kiko Milano has a fascinating collection of unique and very high quality products, definitely worth of checking. Since I’m a colourful eye makeup lover, I always check on a new collections of their eyeshadows and as per usual, they offer a new fantastic product; High Pigment wet and dry eyeshadow. This product’s been on the market for quite some time now actually. I first got only few of them and then I extended my collection on couple of them so now, when I use them a lot, I decided to share them with you ladies, just because they’re the most fantastic single eyeshadows I’ve ever tried.

They all come in a beautifuly designed classic plastic Kiko packaging with the magnetic closure. The pan itself is removable, you can simply remove it and add it into your Z-Palette which I found really amazing. I personally like to keep them all as they are but I know that storing of makeup can be sometimes exhausting. Especially if you have a lack of space so in this case, the removable pan can be very helpful.

You can choose between 63 different colours in this collection of eyeshadows. You can find almost every colour you’re looking for and you can also choose between different finishes too. These eyeshadows are super highly pigmented, they apply heavenly, so smooth and even, they blend perfectly and work with each other perfectly. There’s one thing that I found very interesting and I’d like to expose it; these eyeshadows contain vitamin E, cottonseed oil and chamomile extracts. How amazing is that ladies? They’re all also paraben free, as almost all of Kiko Milano products.

Some of these eyeshadows I use on a daily bases for some period of time sometimes. That’s exactly why I like to own some single eyeshadows; you always have the eyeshadow colours which you know you’ll need and you don’t have to look for them on palettes. You simply have some of them stored in a drawer. You can check some of my current favourite colours on photos below. They’re all one swipe finger swatches on my hand.

From left to right: 33, 42, 37, 43, 47

From left to right: 38, 21, 63, 66, 57
I simply can’t put into words how much of fan I am of these eyeshadow pigments! I really recommend you to check official page of Kiko Milano if you’re looking for some special or just very high quality products. I promise you, you’ll find everything you’ll need and much more there! Thank you all ladies so much for reading this post, stay around for a new makeup look post. Good night.