From time to time there explodes a bomb in a makeup trend world and it definitely happened this year. There’s no other brand in the whole entire world to set the new ground breaking new trends, only Chanel

This autumn season they came out with the extraordinary collection called Travel Diary. The collection is a story teller of Lucia Pica’s journey to the Californian coast. The colours are inspired by the Californian coastline and the big city lights, it combines soft, vibrant pops of colours and settle neutrals. In my opinion, this is absolutely fantastic combination just because it allows you a nice colour transition into the fall. This fabulous collection contains so many beautiful products but since I own a relatively huge amount of Chanel products and lots of them are similar, I decided to get from this collection just those for which I believe I’m going to use. I decided to purchase both looks, the only one product I decided not to purchase is Palette Essentielle, which is cream face palette and I’m not a fan of cream face products so purchasing this palette was necessary because I wouldn’t use it at all.

Two things Chanel’s consistently been good at is first, being one step ahead of the game and second, setting the new trends. Chanel always mesmerises me with every single collection that comes out since Lucia Pica designed all the colours for them. I become completely obsessed with every eyeshadow palette she designed and this time, I’m sure there won’t be any difference. Chanel came up with such a stunning eyeshadow palettes that remind me of summer time but there’s definitely a  feel of autumn in them. It’s fascinating how they included turquoise shades in the collection and they’re totally wearable!

Les 4 Ombres 288 Road Moviebe
Les 4 Ombres 286 City Lights

In this collection, there’s a product with which I become obsessed with and this is Ombre Première eyeshadow.

I was so happy when I discovered that they’re about to launch two of these fantastic eyeshadows just because I own a couple of them already and I use them all the time. I like to combine them with Chanel eyeshadows on top and this combination gives you the most perfect Chanel-like kinda makeup.  Ombre Première eyeshadows have the most velvet texture you can imagine, they apply very smooth and even, they’re also blendable and they’re very long lasting. In Travel Diary collection you can chose between two of them.

Chanel Ombre Première 818 Urban
Chanel Ombre Première 820 Memory

Ombre Première eyeshadows were designed to be combined with two Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow palettes. You can use these products separately, of course, this totally depends on how intense you want your eye makeup to be. You can check swatches in next two photos, they’re all one swipe finger swatches on my hand.

Chanel Ombre Première 818 Urban and Les 4 Ombres 288 Road Movie
Chanel Ombre Première 820 Memory and Les 4 Ombres 286 City Lights

I hope you loves enjoyed the reading of this post as much I enjoyed writing it. Stay around for tomorrow’s exciting continuation of Chanel Travel Diary collection. Good night!