The continuation of my latest post simply can’t be more exciting for me as it already is! And I just started writing it! I wish I could put into words how much I like this collection and how I adore all the colours that Lucia Pica designed. 

As you al loves noticed in my previous post, Travel Diary collection is like no other. It’s different, versatile, youthful, elegant and eternal, it’s colourful and very wearable. It’s the collection that not only immediately caught my eye, it’s a collection that fascinated me right away. Chanel definitely sets new trends every time they launch new collection and with Travel Diary, there’s no difference. Bold metallic eye makeup is definitely going to be one of the biggest trends this fall season and lips, oh, for lips Chanel launched a couple of products from different lines and all of them remind me of summer time too. You can choose between many beautiful coral lip colours, nudes, coral reds and there’s also one beautiful burgundy shade.

Since I own too many Chanel lipsticks already, I chose two from my favourite line, Rouge Allure Velvet. In my opinion, these two lip colours perfectly compliment this collection, one of them is a vibrant orange red shade and the second beautiful burgundy lip colour. These two lipsticks are perfectly designed to be combined with the eyeshadow palettes. Both Chanel looks from the Travel Diary collection are going to be on my blog next week loves. I’m about to recreate both looks just for you so in case you decide to purchase some of these products you’ll know exactly how to combine them.

All the lipsticks from Rouge Allure Velvet line apply very smoothly, they’re all super pigmented, long lasting and they’re very comfortable to wear. I usually don’t even feel it on my lips, sometimes I remind myself about the red lipstick I’m wearing when I look myself in a mirror haha, and yes, it always looks perfect as it was when I applied it. Rouge Allure Velvet line is without any doubt my favourite line of lipsticks that exist, not only on Chanel but in general. If you loves are looking for a very high quality lipstick, I highly recommend you to check this line on Chanel counter, I promise you, you won’t regret purchasing one of these.

Rouge Allure Velvet 63 Nightfall
Rouge Allure Velvet 64 First Light

Chanel also launched two completely new nail colours in this collection, they’re both from grey family of colours and they also added my very first Chanel nail colour that I owned, Rouge Noir. It was the first product that I owned from Chanel and I got as a gift from my fiancé many years ago. I know, I know, he has phenomenal taste. I repurchased this product two times since then and it’s one of my favourite nail colours.

Chanel 18 Rouge Noir, 578 New Dawn and 567 Horizon Line
Chanel 18 Rouge Noir and 567 Horizon Line
578 New Dawn

As I wrote before Loves, I’m about to recreate both looks from the Travel Diary collection for you, you’ll see swatches of lipsticks there and also stay around for tomorrows Mani Monday series when I’ll upload swatches of these three beautiful nail colours! Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully decide to try some of Chanel luxury makeup products.

Good night!