I visit Vienna every year and everytime I come back I’m still very much mesmerised by it. You all my loves who follow me on Instagram know that I usually have a very busy schedule when I travel but I always make sure to take some free time and discover the city. For this daily outfit I choose all the cozy fashion pieces that make me super comfortable while I explore the city usually by foot.

I don’t exactly know why but the one thing that really mesmerises me in Vienna are coffee shops. I’m not a coffee type of a person but whenever I walk by coffee shops I always feel that Viennese vibe that is very much unique; in a mesmerising atmosphere of an old building, antique furniture and classical music people are chatting loud by having a cup of coffee and delicious slice of cake, sitting there for hours. I usually end up sipping my cup of coffee in a corner observing fascinating happenings.

If you my loves ever travel Vienna don’t hesitate and visit their coffee shops. You don’t have to go to the famous ones to get the full impression, you can easily wander around the city and stop by some and trust me, all of them are more than just fascinating!

As I mentioned before, for this outfit I chose very simple and cozy fashion pieces but the one detail I’d really like to tell you about in Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 25. This bag my loves has become my all-time favourite and every since I got it I wear it all the time. Not just that it’s absolutely gorgeous, it’s always super handy, very comfortable to wear and what’s most important for me, it fits a ton of essentials. Speedy B 25 has become my travel companion to which I’ll hold to in future without no doubt.

I’ll be back on Monday with you my loves with new exciting post! Good night!