Yes, I’m a very, very shy in front of the camera haha. Don’t act so surprised now!! I’m so shy that I can’t even comunicate with the camera sometimes. I laugh like crazy, or always look down, but hey, we all have some funny characteristics. I know, it’s a stunner and a bummer for my photographer/fiancé also, but he tends to love all my imperfections, so he has always so much fun while working on my photos. We always come up with some great content for you… after one hour of working just on my photos haha.

This time I just want to share with you one very quick bohemian style inspiration, the outfit in which I’m very much in love, just because of the pop of colour that this skirt gives to the look. I just love to brigten up the blackness with any style piece, this time with this chic midi skirt.

I really hope that you Loves enjoyed this post! I will be back with you very soon! Have a great night!