This article is dedicated to no one else than to my fiancé, my partner for 15 very short years, the best boyfriend there ever was, the longest-term fiancé in the world and the best father I’ve ever had the honour and opportunity to know. Oh no, sorry daddy, you’re still the best. Well, at least you got some rivalry for the title haha.

I cannot put into words how lucky and blessed I am to have a baby with the partner, who wanted to be involved into absolutely everything, much before Mia was born. He started to co-parent subconsciously; went on every single doctor’s appointment with me, he was supporting me and watching over me and Mia all the time. He really wanted for us to rase our daughter in a very strong relationship with both of us. And he nailed it!

There was also one problem you see, I really had absolutely no idea about babies when I got pregnant. Babies, diapers, nourishing, feeding and sleeping schedules were all the themes that never attracted not even a tiny bit of my attention. So of course I was scared, who wouldn’t be. I had absolutely no idea about babies. Rale kept telling me over and over again, not to worry. He was telling me even before Mia was born, that she’s going to sleep durring the whole night very soon after her birth. And it was true. She started to sleep durring the whole night when she was one month old and never woke up during the night since then.

Some family member told me before Mia’s birth, that the first three months, father has to step aside and leave the baby with the mother. She was convinced that the mother is the only one who can take for an infant. We didn’t agree with her at all, because it’s not true. Father has just the same opportunities to take care for a baby, as the mother does. There’s only one exeption, breastfeeding, but that isn’t the reason that the father doesn’t have to spend quality time with his newborn.

Rale is a phenomenal example of an attentive co-parent. Here are just few examples what he did with his newborn baby girl:

  • feeding,
  • nourishing,
  • puting her to sleep,
  • sleeping with her,
  • cudling,
  • playing.

Rale’s always telling me, that it was the best experience in his life, taking care with me for our newborn baby. He’s also has a very low opinion about fathers who simply think that changing diapers and feeding his own newborn baby is a “job” for only a mother. I can agree on everything with him. Fathers who doesn’t want to be a part of a newborn baby’s life are just missing the greatest moments in their lifes. Then they appear as a “father’s character” later in their children’s life and think that their child will not just obey, but also respect him. And then everything comes to the whole new story and new complications, about which you won’t read on my blog. Ever.

Anyways, I won’t judge anyone for anything, I’m just so happy that Mia is very much attached to both of us and that was our goal with co-parenting. None of us is more important for her, non of us knows more and non of us has more responsibilities than the other. We’re simply tied when it comes to responsibilities and activities considering her and of course, our general life.

To finish up this article, I’d just like to ask those who have children, what were your experiences with your partner/husband? Let me know in the comments down bellow!

Will be back with you very soon loves! Have a lovely start of a new week!