Hi loves!

I know, I know I wasn’t posting for a while but I’m finally back with so much themes to share with you! I’m going to post on a daily bases from Monday on so hopefully you ladies will stick with me haha. I promised you this post a week ago and finally, here it is, one of my favourite looks that I’m wearing on a daily bases now. 

Red makeup scares lots of women because it sounds weird right? Applying red eyeshadow on the lid is too much, not to mention red eyeliner, red blush, lips and nails. Red eye makeup has become a huge trend in the last year, it survived every season and it’s still here in the summer time going into the autumn trend again. It’s fascinating to observe such an explosion of this trend since Chanel came out with Le Rouge n.1 collection last autumn. From then on and I’ve seen almost every brand launching red eyeshadow palettes, blushes, liners but non of them caught my attention. There are so many palettes and collections at this point that you can use for red makeup, but that all depends on what type of a look you want to achieve. For this look I simply had no limits with Chanel Le Rouge n.1 collection, I went for everything red I own haha and came up with this look that’s beyond stunning.

Chanel came out with the collection and addition to this collection and when you use all these products together, they simply work together in a way that they give you the most gorgeous, settle and elegant red makeup look you can imagine. I honestly stared to identify these red eyeshadows and blush with nudes. I know it sounds weird but that’s how they work. Of some reason these eyeshadows look very natural on the eyes and they’re more than appropriate to be used during the day, or night. The intensity of the finish look depends on the products you use so you can play with this collection so much and trust me, you’ll never get tired of it!

This look loves literally took me 15 minutes. These products are very simple to use, you just have to get used to simple Chanel makeup techniques. For this look I used Ombre Première cream eyeshadow as a base on my lid, on top I applied powder eyeshadow and then I blended them both together. I was slightly adding powder pigment on top blending it upwards until I got this beautiful blended eye lid. I applied gel eyeliner right on top on my lash line with smudged brush and just to give my eyes some more depth I also used natural falsies. For the under eye I decided to use ‘scary’ red eyeliner, except this Lucia Pica’s genius creation of some reason works perfectly as the waterline or under eye liner and eyes don’t look tired or red at all. This eyeliner gives me that Chanel look that I adore so much, on top of it you can easily apply matte red eyeshadow which doesn’t make this liner on the under eye to disappear with blending, kinda fascinating right?

For blush, lips and nails I also went with earthly red tones which I absolutely adore just because they simply work together perfectly. I’m absolutely in love with this finish look loves and I hope that some of you’ll check and test these products on yourselves. I truly hope that because this way you can’t ever go wrong with red makeup and you can avoid many awkward situations that red makeup can bring, we all know about what I’m talking about don’t we haha.

Good night loves!

PRODUCTS (all Chanel): FACE- Le Blanc de Chanel base, Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation 02, Soleil Tan de Chanel, Poudre Universelle Compacte 03,  Joues Contraste 320 Rouge Profound blush, Coco Codes blush harmony, TTDeye olive green contacts (you can shop on their page with 10% discount if you use my code ‘dasa_lavric’); EYES- Ombre Première cream eyeshadow 810 Pourer Profound, Ombre Première powder eyeshadow 36 Desert Rouge, Caligraphie de Chanel eyeliner, Stylo Jeux Waterproof eyeliner 928 Eros, Les 4 Ombres 268 Candour et Experience eyeshadow palette, Dimensions de Chanel mascara, Ardell falsies 120; LIPS- KIKO Milano creamy lip liner 305 and Rouge Coco lipstick 470 Marthe