We’re all familiar with the inconveniences when it comes a day when you have a date on which you hopefully weren’t waiting for too long aren’t we ladies? On this day it quickly comes to not knowing exactly what to wear and what to do for your makeup or hair. I exactly know this filling but at last, the only thing important is that you’re yourself and that you don’t change yourself into some crazy outfit or look that you wouldn’t wear not even on a night out with your girlfriends. On a date night just put on your cutest favourite dress, create the makeup that you like the most and just have fun!

I personally always like to keep my makeup romantic for a date night but at the same time I always like to add some pop of colour just because I love colourful makeup looks and I don’t feel satisfied if I don’t add some, just a tiny bit of a colour to my makeup. This spring and summer season is all about the flushed makeup looks and I become literally obsessed by this trend! It truly is so much fun playing with reds and corals not only on lips, but on entire face.

Trust me, it’s not that creepy as it seems, you can easily pull off this trend in many ways and in this article you can get some ideas for your own creativity. For this look I went for a fully flushed look. I created a smokey eye with a pop of fuchsia colour combining it with a rose golden pearly eyeshadow on the eyelid. I didn’t create any dramatic cat eye just because I wanted the colours to stand out so I applied a tiny amount of gel liner with a fluffier brush and blended it so it just smoothly defines my eyes. For eye makeup I used KIKO Milano High Pigment eyeshadows which I simply love. They’re very easy to apply and blend and they’re ridiculously highly pigmented. I honestly never came across on such a high pigmented eyeshadows and since I got these, I can’t stop using them. When I go for a such a colourful face makeup I usually choose a very settle nail colour and this time I chose a gorgeous coral shade that goes perfectly with this look and it’s from Chanel Coco Gloss collection.

For face I did my well known technique with Chanel products that hasn’t change not even for a tiny bit hahaha I told you, I won’t stop using this combination of face makeup products until they’ll be discontinued. For blush I chose the most gorgeous red blush that I’ve ever owned. It’s from Chanel Le Rouge n.1 collection and you can always find it on their stand because it wasn’t in a limited edition collection, thankfully. This blush, oh my, ladies, I can’ actually put into words how much I love it! Until I got this blush I’m wondering how actually did I pull off all of my red lipstick looks, honestly hahaha. I use it almost every day, when I wear red lipstick and that’s very often. It’s such a pretty, very settle yet poppy red blush that gives you the most gorgeous flushed look on your cheeks and of course it’s designed to be used especially with the red lipstick. The lipstick that I chose for this look is also from Chanel Le Rouge n.1 collection.

Ladies, I really hope that you enjoyed this post and that you get and inspirations for your own creativity. Wish you all a lovely evening and good night!

PRODUCTS: Face- Le Blanc de Chanel base, Perfection Lumiére 03 foundation, Soleil Tan de Chanel, Poudre Universelle Compacte 03,  Joues Contraste blush Rouge Profound, KIKO Milano Beam of Light highlighter 02, Eyes- KIKO Milano High Pigment eyeshadows, 21, 37 and 41, Caligraphie de Chanel eyeliner, Chanel Dimensions de Chanel mascara, Ardell Fasies 117; Lips- Kiko Milano precision lip liner 411 and Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick 56 Rouge Charnel