KIKO MILANO Cosmic Starlets

Hi loves!

Glam, sparkles, highlight, reds, golds, blacks.. it’s December right loves? It’s a magic time for makeup creativity and that’s what I love! Whenever it comes to Holiday makeup collections I can’t never decide which one to pick. This year I wasn’t thinking at all which collection to pick because KIKO MILANO is came out with all this gorgeous new collection and I can honestly say that I’m addicted and in love with their products.

kiko milanoThis year KIKO launched a gorgeous collection for Holiday season, Cosmic Starlets. It’s Kiko’s very special collection and you can clearly see that they put so much effort into it and they really did a great job creating this collection because I think that in this collection can every single woman find a product for herself. You can choose between many different products and it’s textures, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, nail polishes, fragrances, face palletes, anything you can imagine is there. I picked up some products in which I imediatelly fell in love.

kiko milano

kiko milano

I’m a huge nail polish lover so this beautiful limited edition Dream Wish nail polish set was the first product in my basket. This nail colours are very universal, nude, poppy coral, red, burgundy, beautiful electric blue colour and two gorgeous noir nail colours. Colours of this set are so wearable and I really had to think about which is the one that I’m going to use first, I just couldn’t decide. I love them all so much. Second product I picked was this too gorgeous 02 Neutral to Elegant eyeshadow palette. I knew that I’m going to use it a lot because it has matte and sparkle shades, beautiful nude shades and also darker ones so you can really create many looks with it. Among this palette came six Double Glam eyeliners, I picked 116 Violet because it just goes pefectly with this eyeshadow palette. Double Glam eyeliners have a  beautiful glamorous sparkle finish.

kiko milano

Next makeup products that I absolutely adore are highlighters. I always have so much fun playing with them, I feel that they can really make a difference on your skin when you apply it and it looks gorgeous. I have many KIKO highlighters, but this Dazzling highlighters are just something special. They are stick highlighters, but they’re very bendable and easy to apply on the skin.

Swatches of nail polishes, eyeshadow palette and eyeliner are going to be in next upcoming posts loves! I wish you all a gorgeous and sparkle day!