I’m so excited about this post, especially because it’s about the brand about which I really want you to know if you haven’t already heard of it. ICONIC LONDON is a very young makeup brand from London and it’s amazing how fast it’s grown into a huge brand which everybody like. It’s all over almost every social media, you can find it on almost every profile of a makeup junkie and it’s all because of the mind-blowing quality of their products. What they did is that they’ve taken the products that already exist but they made them absolutely stunning in a pure quality. Besides high quality of products, they’re something new and we all like new brands don’t we?


ICONIC LONDON sent to me a gift which included two of their best-seller products and one lip gloss. All three products have a beautiful compact packaging where you can already become the first impression of the high quality. I have to be honest now, I was a bit nervous about one product because I never used nothing similar on my face before and that’s the Multi use Cream Contour palette. I’m a huge contour fan, I contour my face almost every day but I’ve never used cream bronzers, I always thought I’m going to look so kinky… until I got this palette.


This creams have the most intense pigment you can imagine, they apply very smooth and blend heavenly. Loves, this palette is everything for me now, I’m being completely honest, ever since I got it, I use it every single day.

ICONIC LONDON- Cream Contour palette swatches

What I really like about this palette is that it has three highlight shades and three sculpt shades. This palette is created to suit every skin tone but it’s fine smooth texture also allows you to combine them together so I’m sure you can create your perfect highlight or sculpt shade if you can’t find it already on this palette.

The second product I would like to tell you about is my favourite, you loves all know I’m obsessed with highlighters hhih. I was so happy and thrilled when I saw this product in the box. This Strobing Stick is in shade ‘Shine’ and it’s honestly, the best stick highlighter I’ve ever tried.

ICONIC LONDON- Strobing Stick

ICONIC LONDON- Strobing Stick in 'Shine' swatch

I couldn’t help myself not to take a swatch as soon as I opened it. The texture is so so smooth and creamy, you can apply it very smoothly just as it is, with the stick or with your fingertips. The pigmentation of this product is mind blowing, loves, it’s so highly pigmented that you can use only tiny amount of it for highlight during the day or for a night look you can use it as a strobing highlighter base which I think is really amazing because especially in autumn and winter time I use this technique a lot and I know this product is going to be my all-time favourite base for strobing from now on. You can choose between three Strobing Stick shades on their official page and find your perfect one.

ICONIC LONDON- Lip Gloss in shade 'Pink About It'

The last product which also impressed me is Lip Gloss in shade “Pink About It”. This lip gloss also has a stunning high shiny pigment and when I applied it at first I immeniately felt that the texture is a bit sticky so that means it should be a long wearing lip gloss and it really is. It just stays on the lips for quite some time. It also can be worn on top of the base lipstick or just on its own it looks absolutely gorgeous gorgeous too.

ICONIC LONDON- Lip Gloss in shade 'Pink About It' swatch

Whenever I discovered the brand with all this gorgeous products like ICONIC LONDON I become a huge fan and this time it’s no different. All products absolutely stunned me and loves, as I wrote many times in this post, their products are stunning in a pure quality. I would also really like to thank ICONIC LONDON for sending me all this adorable products so I could try them out and share my opinion on them.

Loves, thank you so much for reading this post, stay around for more updates next week. Have a great evening.