It’s almost the end of a summer time but I’m just not ready to say goodbye to it hhihh not yet. I created this look for a night out but you can also wear it for a special occasion during the day if you’re a lover of a bit edgier eye makeup looks. I combined natural shades with turquoise on the eyes and that’s what I really like.. eyes to pop out hhihih.

Daša Lavrič

This look is all about the eye makeup. For transient colour I chose matte shade with orange undertone, I was looking for a shade that matches the colour of my skin tone and my bronzer so it looks very natural on the crease. This step always help you when you want to create very natural look with the pop of colour which really stands out. I chose turquoise shade that matches my nail polish, I combined two shades of turquoise so it really stands out. When I achieved the look I wanted with eyeshadow I also did the cat eye which is not so intense because I didn’t want to cover all the colours on the eye lid. If you want you can go also without cat eye, the colours will pop out even more but then you have to pay extra attention on eyelashes so you’re eyes will look bigger and more opened. For this look I chose two palettes from BH Cosmetics which I really like because on this palettes you have such a huge viority of colours there, you can always find the sade you’re looking for.

Eye makeup look gallery:

Daša Lavrič

For face makeup I used the same technique for bronzed look that I did in a previous makeup tutorial post, you can click this link for steps and more details. The only thing I changed is that I chose matte lipstick for this look because I didn’t want that they stand out. I chose the most natural shade that matches perfectly with my bronzed skin tone.

Daša Lavrič

Really hope that you like this look and If you decide to recreate it, I’d be very happy to hear your comments or thoughts. Wish you all a nice weekend ladies!

PRODUCTS: FACE (KIKO Milano)- Nourishing Perfection cream compact foundation, Radiant Fusion baked powder, Skin Evolution concealer 01, Flawless Fusion bronzer, Desert Dunes baked bronzer 200, Dazzling Highlighter 03; EYES- Artdeco base eyeshadow primer, BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette tropical matte eyeshadow, BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette tropical shimmer eyeshadow, KIKO Milano In the shade eyeshadow 03, Lasting gel eyeliner, Ardell falsies 105, KIKO Milano Volume Eyes+ mascara; LIPS (KIKO Milano)- Everlasting Colour precision lip liner 403 and Velvet Passion matte lipstick 301