In a summer time I tend to create bronzed makeup look for my everyday look. Bronzed makeup looks are suitable for any day to night occasion because you can create it in many different ways and you can use a couple colour combinations that go perfectly with the bronzed skin.


I decided to create the most basic look for you Ladies so you’d get the first impression on what bronzed look really is. The most important thing with bronzed face look is that you chose the right bronzer and highlighter, the basic products on which is based the whole look. Bronzer should be two shades darker than your skin tone and concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone. It’s really important that you don’t use bronzer that’s too dark because you’ll look kinky and unnatural. For this look I chose very natural colours, I used next products:

I created the most basic and quick eye makeup with Naked palette:

Finish eye makeup look

For face I used cream foundation, I applied concealer only under my eyes because in a summer time is just too hot to wear heavy creamy concealer on the face. On top of the foundation I applied a tiny amount of a mineral powder just to fix my cream foundation. And now the fun part.. bronzed skin. Because your skin is already bronzed in a summer time, you can play a lot with contour this time, you can contour all parts of your as you want my dear, forehead, nose, cheek bones, chin, it won’t be too much as long as you use the right bronzer. Again, it can be only two shades darker than your skin tone. For this look, I contoured my forehead, sides of my nose, she bones and my chin.

To finish this look I picked glossy lipstick from KIKO Milano’s Summer collection. I picked the nudest shade in the collection, the only one in nude-bronze shade which I really like and use a lot.

Daša Lavrič

Daša Lavrič

Really hope that you like this look Ladies, stay around for new upcoming posts this week and have a nice evening!

PRODUCTS: FACE (KIKO Milano)- Nourishing Perfection cream compact foundation, Radiant Fusion baked powder, Skin Evolution concealer 01, Flawless Fusion bronzer, Desert Dunes baked bronzer 200, Dazzling Highlighter 03; EYES- Artdeco base eyeshadow primer, Urban Decay Naked palette, KIKO Milano Smokey eye pencil 01, Ardell falsies 105, KIKO Milano Volume Eyes+ mascara; LIPS- KIKO Milano Everlasting Colour precision lip liner 403 and Mirage lip stylo 02; NAILS- Chanel 617 Holiday nail lacquer