This is a post on which I was working on for quite some time now just because this brand is very special to me and it’s become my all-time favourite. I admire this brand so much and it’s very important to me that all of you my ladies get to know them because I attend to keep coming back to them as long as I can. ORPHICA is a French brand that is shortly, specialised into creating geniuses in the bottle.ORPHICA is a very rare and precious brand which I want you all my ladies get to know just because they have such an impressive collection of cosmetic products in which all of us can find at least one that we need. When it comes to skin care cosmetic brands I become very picky and when I say that, it means that I get through all the ingredients and brand story and vision of the collection or product and when I find the brand that I trust, they won’t get rid of me and either won’t ORPHICA hihi. They’re specialised into luxury cosmetic products that are inspired by the nature and mysterious powers of the plants, their cosmetic products are pure and they contain numerous plant extracts which is to be honest, very impressive and so unique. All their products are tested in their laboratories where they’re constantly working on a researches of new ingredients and their combinations willing to offer you ladies the products that would enhance your natural beauty even more.

They were so kind to send me one of their products to try and I was testing it for couple of weeks before I came here and write this article and that’s because I wanted to fully experience the product before I recommend it to all of you.

Pure Eye Serum is a product from ESSENTIALS conditioning & regenerating line and it’s designed to hydrate, condition, smooth and protect your skin before free radicals. The product instructions claim that this product has the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and it also prevents new wrinkles from forming and this I found very interesting because I was looking for such a product and I knew before that the most important thing with wrinkles is that you start using products that reduce their appearance before they appear because when they do, the only thing that can help you is laser treatment haha. I could never found a product that I’d trust on that claim and now I finally did and I hope that it does it’s job but no worries ladies, I’ll get back to you with these feedback infos someday.

As I wrote before, I was testing this product for couple of weeks now and to be completely honest with you, this product gave me immediately results which impressed me so much because all I was hearing about cosmetic brands was that you have to wait for results to appear. With ORPHICA not such a story exists, the results with this product are immediate. After couple of days of use, my eyes felt so rested and they looked rested also because all the tiny blemishes under my eyes were gone. My skin was super smooth and I also noticed that my skin felt firmer, just like it has kinda new layer. I enjoy using this product every single evening before I go to bed so it can do it’s magic during the whole night.

I can’t put into words how much I adore this product ladies, this brand has really become my all-time favourite cosmetic brand that I’m going to recommend it to everyone I know and I know that I’m going to use this product as long as it’s going to be available. I hope that I get the opportunity to try some of their other products just because I’m super curious and excited about the magic that they do. I really hope that you liked this post my loves and I hope that you get some new useful informations. Feel free to check ORPHICA official page and check their collections, I highly recommend you to and I know you won’t ever regret if you decide to purchase some of them. Stay around for an exciting makeup look post this week loves, good night!