Sounds so romantic and natural. Breastfeed your newborn baby is so easy, enjoyable and don’t worry, you’ll produce milk in the first three postpartum days, if not then, just try and try and the milk will come. The connection you’re about to make with your baby through the breastfeeding process is unbeatable and it’s so much worth of trying. Those moms who don’t try, don’t and can’t produce milk and those are the bad moms. They don’t love their baby as much as you do, who tries and feeds baby with empty breasts and put hungry baby to sleep, so he or she wakes up in an hour, crying, hungry again. So don’t worry and keep trying to feed your baby. Trust me, you have milk, a great quality breast milk. Your baby’s crying all the F-ing time just because all the babies do. Not because he or she’s hungry. Naaah.


Loves, there is just too much perceptions, craziness, debate and pressure going on about this theme and it’s actually really annoying. Just to make it clear here, I’m not towards breastfeeding process by no means, neither I want to say that it’s irrelevant. I just can’t stand everyone judging us moms who simply can’t naturally feed the baby. Some people just can’t even imagine what we go through and adding even more pressure to already very much frustrating disability, is not helpful at all. I can write only from my personal experiences here. The only thing that can help you really is to listen to your true maternal instict. Pust everything you’ve read, heard or saw, just listen to your instict and you won’t be wrong. Ever.

I always acted through my maternal instict and never read not even one article and never followed anyone. Just myself. I don’t judge anyone ever and I also expect no one to judge me, because when you first become a mommy, there are just so many things which you have to figure out. Breastfeeding is one of those things, to which you don’t even pay much attention, because it should be just a natural and smooth process. Every new mom deserves a support no matter how she desides to feed her baby and at the end, the only thing that is really imortant is that the baby is fed and the he or she can have a proper quality sleep. The decision to breastfeed is a personal one and it’s not even a decision, if you don’t have an option. I simply didn’t have any option here, because when Mia was born, she was hungry immediately. Anyways, she was a natural mammal per say and we fit perfectly together for breastfeeding process, but there was just one problem, and you all know my story from my previous article. I didn’t have not even one drop of breastmilk. I was really broken when I figured that I don’t have any drop of milk to feed my baby, but then I came to the conclusion, that it’s really not even important because I can meet her needs with the bottle of milk and she was very pleased with being full. I tried very hard with breastfeeding every day, but then she just kinda addapted that breastfeeding is just for cuddling and not for feeding. After three months she just stopped. She didn’t want to be breastfeeded any more, so I simply didn’t force her. Why would I?

There’s also one more thing, about which I just have to make it very clear here. I heard lots of made up perceptions that nurshed babies have some special bond with their mother and the others don’t, but I find this kind of statements very much stupid and untrue. My experiances with Mia are right the opposite. She’s so very much attached to me and also to her daddy, who puts her to sleep every single night and I believe that every single baby is very much attached to the parents, breastfeeded or not, parents are the most important and irreplaceable persons in every baby’s life. There’s also one perception, which I found very rude and untrue. It states that mothers who breastfeed are more attached to the baby as compared to bottle-fed mothers as they call us. Are you nuts??? How did you even come to conclusion like this?? How can you possibly think that mother who doesn’t have enough milk to feed the baby, isn’t attached to him or her as much as breastfeeding mothers are? I found it very sad if you have to breastfeed your baby to enchance the bond with he or she. I just simply don’t get it and it sounds so idiotic to me. Every mother, breastfeeding or not loves her baby with all her heart, there are of course exceptions, but those are completely other story. Just stop judging us and stop making up things like this. No mother shouldn’t feel bed or better because of it. It’s not true and not fair.

I have to addmit that baby milk saved many sleepless nights for my baby Mia and saved many tears and hungry tummy cramps. That’s actually everything that’s important; that the baby’s fed and he or she can sleep. I highly hope that you won’t ever come across to such thing, but if you ever will, I just want to say, it’s ok. Don’t you ever think of judging yourself over this, don’t ever listen to anyone or read idiotic articles. Listen only to your maternal instict and everything will turn out just fine.

What do you think about breastfeeding? What are your experiences? Loves, I’m looking forward to your thoughts in the comment section and you’re also very much welcome to contact me via email or Instagram. I will be back with you with new post soon!