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As a new mommy to be I came across to so many questions and concerns about the pregnancy and using nail polish was one of them.

Since I’m a huge lover of nail colours I had to come down do all the truth about the myths concerning using nail polishes during pregnancy. Are they safe to use?

Yes they are, as long as you’re careful.

Meaning, just pay attention to what nail polish you use. Some of them contain ingredients known as ‘toxic trio’ which you have to avoid at all costs. Formaldehyde (used to harden polish), toluene (used to evenly coat the colour) and  dibutyl phthalate – DBP (adds flexibility and shine to the colour) are the ingredients which can be pretty harmful when you’re exposed to them in large doses but that’s quite unlikely if you paint your nails occasionally. It still is very important that you at least search for 3-free nail polishes while being pregnant or not.

Anyways, we live in the age of highly chemical beauty products and critical awareness of the safe and unsafe beauty products was always important for me. I always tend to use very high quality products with safe ingredients because of the safety first and secondly, because of the high quality. Pregnant or not pregnant, I will always stick to Chanel products of which you all my loves know, I’m a huge fan of. Chanel Le Vernis also tend to be 5-free nail polishes which means that by using them you can only step one step closer to safety. Chanel and Dior Nail Vernis don’t contain camphor and formaldehyde risin which both are also some of ingredients that it’s good to avoid but you’re still very much safe with 3-free nail polishes for sure!

If you don’t prefer Chanel nail polishes of any reason, I still have for you some pointers how to find your perfect nail polish for pregnancy. Always have in mind these few important factors that you need to take into account:

  • high pigment: which means that you can apply only one coat of nail colour,
  • long – lasting and chip resistant: which means that you won’t have to reapply the nail polish frequently,
  • brush: the more quality of the brush, the faster the application is and the less product is applied,
  • easy to apply: which is important because the application is faster and you won’t be exposed to the product for a long time. Here you have to be especially careful to check if it contains ingredient toluene which is used in products for smoother application.

Besides Chanel Le Vernis and Dior Vernis, there are quite a few pregnancy – safe and very common nail polish brands for which I searched for you. Zoya, Butter London, Opi, Sally Hansen, Nailmatic, and Essie are also healthy choice of nail polish during pregnancy and you can find them in almost any drugstore anywhere now. And don’t forget, paint your nails occasionally!

I hope you loves enjoyed this post. I will be back with you with new post very soon!