After quite a while, I’m finally back with new beauty post. This time, with my favourite pick of a summer foundation.

We all know that summer isn’t the best season to play with makeup. Face makeup literally melts off the face in no time and it doesn’t even matter which base or fixing product you use. In summer time we all should limit ourselves with all the face products we use. You can do that by first skip cream contouring your face and second, avoid layering the conceler and powders. If I recap shortly; the fewer products you put on your face, the better result will be.

Choosing the right foundation for hot summer days is also one of the steps that can save you lots of inconveniences during the day. Choosing the right foundation depends on your needs; if you need a high coverage long-wear foundation you can look for sweat-proof foundations but to be honest, I’m not a very huge fan of them. They still tend to be to heavy for me personally. If you prefer light foundations with light-medium coverage, BB Creams aka. Beauty Balms are exactly what you’ll need. Do you loves yet know all the claims that come from the general BB cream concept? It is ideal for everyday makeup, because it can function as a moisturizer, base, foundation, sunscreen and in some cases it can even substitute concealers. It sounds like a genius in the bottle right?

I know what your first thought is now; but BB Creams all have the worstest, almost invisible coverage. I always thought the same, but that’s not true at all. Coverage of every foundation always depends on what tool you use to apply it; if you use your fingers, you’ll lower the coverage by all means. By using BB cream with your fingers, you’ll barely cover the imperfections but if you use your beauty blender, the coverage will be much more noticeable. You can also build up the coverage by layering additional amount of the product or also by using the concealer on the spots that need to be covered.

Loves, I honestly tried out so many BB Creams, but the one that stayed in my drawer, repurchased over and over again, is the BB Cream from MAC Cosmetics, MAC Prep+Prime BB Cream. Hands down, this product really is the best. Not just that it is primer and BB Cream in one, it also contains SPF 35 which is a very important for summer time. I always use my daily moisturizer before applying this BB Cream just because I’m used to. I noticed that this BB Cream has a very rich, thick consistancy for such a product, but it still feels super light on the skin. You can always apply more, build it up to the coverage you want. For fixing the product I always use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural compact pressed powder on top and also MAC FIX+ spray. I promise you that this combination of products is absolutely the best and you won’t regret trying it out!

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it! I will be back with you soon. Have a beautiful evening!