In addition to my last weeks favourite foundation post, I’m back with you sharing my current favourite everyday makeup routine, after application of beauty balm.

When you decide to use such a simple foundation as BB Cream, the best way to finish the whole face makeup is again, to limit yourself with all the products you use. You can do this by simply choosing your perfect powder bronzer as your contour and blush. It can have matte or glow finish, your choice depends only on your preferences. With a fluffy contour brush you slightly contour your forehead, cheek bones and you also apply it on top of the soft contour. You finish the look by applying perfectly matching highlighter just on top of it and you’re done for whole day. Simple right?

Catrice Cosmetics
Catrice Cosmetics

Trust me, you will always quickly come to a very elegant makeup look with this routine and you will always love the finish look!

I will be back with you loves with new post very soon!