Hi loves,

My previous maternity posts all had such a fantastic response from all of you and I’d really like to thank you all once again, for all the support. It was very hard to share some things, but it was really important for me to share with all of you what actually happened. 

When we finally got Mia from maternity hospital, we were still very much in a shock, both scared and frustrated from our experience there. We didn’t know what to expect what’s going to happen when we come home, because everyone in the hospital really made us both very unsecure and scared. We were and still are completely alone for everything, but hey, that’s fine with us! There were two things about which we’ve decided even before Mia was born. The first was co-parenting or team parenting, because we both think that just like mother, also a father brings unique contributions to the job of parenting a child that no one else can replace or replicate. Rale also wanted to be involved into everything that was going on with Mia. He didn’t want to miss out anything, nor he ever thought that the mother is the only one who can take care for a child, because that’s absolutely not true. The second thing which was also very important to us was holistic approach to parenting, because it completely reflects both of our characters. This was the only way we knew how to be parents and it all led into a Waldorf education now, but that’s a theme for another time. I can just say, that both approaches very much reflect in Mia’s behaviour and I will write about that in the very near future.

When we came home, everything was just right the opposite as we predicted actually. First weeks with her at home were the best weeks in my entire life. I never imagined, that it’s such a joy having a tiny little baby the first time. We just simply established a strict routine of her day, from which we didn’t abjured and that was actually it. She had 5 full meals during the day and one at night, she was nurished before every meal and put to sleep after it. Always cozy, warm and never alone or to be waken up during her sleep. Mia was sleeping all the time, woke up for her meal and fell back asleep. We didn’t have absolutely not even one situation with her, it was like she completely dismissed all the stereotypes about babies. She didn’t cry at all, not even once. She was so pleased and still is till this very day, with absolutely everything we do for her. I won’t say that she’s unpretentious, because she isn’t, she’s just such a happy, lucky baby.

There is one more thing, that I’d like to mention. I was reading articles about how to make baby to sleep durring the whole night and there were tones and tones different suggestions, tips and philosophies. I can just tell you, that Mia started to sleep durring the whole night (8-9 hours) when she was one month old. She nevek wakes up during the night since then, not even now when her teeths started to grow. The one and only reason for her baby sleep is that we always make sure, that she gets her full meal everythime. That’s all. That works for her and consequently for us too, since we have no idea how it is to be sleepless all the time and how is to be woken up by a hungry baby, crying during the night. If you’re a first time mother or father, I can just tell you from my personal experience, that just don’t read all the forums and all the extended useless literature, just follow your natural instict and everything will fit together just perfectly. And don’t buy all the unnecessary baby equipment, because you won’t need it. At least not for a newborn baby.

If you have any questions, please feel free and text me via email or Instagram DM, I’d be happy to talk to you! I will be back with you with the new post on Friday. Wish you all a lovely evening!