As much as I don’t enjoy cold autumn days, I still very much enjoy bold makeup looks for this season of the year and these can be so much fun. One of the staple products that you usually see in this time of the year are without no doubt bold dark lipsticks. I have a few favourites but the one that’s my all-time favourite is the one that I used for this look. It’s from the brand Feral Cosmetics. For this look I chose one of my favourite liquid lipsticks from their collection, Lustful. Once you apply it, loves, it’s name really makes a sense. I can’t stop using it!

I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks in general just because they usually don’t work on me but of some reason these do. These liquid lipsticks my loves are one of my absolute favourites, they’re very pigmented and super comfortable to wear which is quite rare to be honest. At least I have this experience and I’ve tried tones of them but for now, I don’t think I’m going to replace this brand with another liquid lipstick drama haha. If you haven’t tried Feral Cosmetics liquid lipsticks yet my loves, I highly recommend you do. For all my girls from Europe I have such an amazing news and that’s that now Feral Cosmetics products are also available in Europe, I’ll put the link for you my loves down bellow.

As you could clearly figure out, this look is mostly inspired by this beautiful bold liquid lipstick that doesn’t need much to pop out but I, as per usual, I went crazy with the eye makeup and I absolutely love the finish look! It’s very bold and I think these all colour combinations together also look so charming. You can easily wear this look to any occasion, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

I’m very much in love with this copper eye makeup just because it adds the right amount of colours to this look and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to wear it a few more times this year. I created it with Juvia’s Place Masquerade eyeshadow palette and it worked perfectly on me. I barely had any fall out with these eyeshadows, I used only used a tiny amount of each and they still blended perfectly together which is kinda impressing but still not surprising when it comes to Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes. They just never disappoint.

I highly hope that you my loves got some inspiration with this look and the most important, some new informations about the products that I absolutely adore lately. I’ll be back next week with the outfit details about which I’m super excited. Good night!

Feral Cosmetics in Europe: