When it comes to fashion details I always like to pay much attention to which one I choose just because I usually pick a very simple clothes to wear. Every and single each of them is very important to perfectly match my outfit and whenever I’ll come up with the perfect combination, I’ll make sure to share it with you.

This outfit is very simple, yet super chic. I chose the all black clothing so I chose to brighten up the whole ‘blackness’ with one of the Louis Vuitton classics, Speedy 35 in Monogram canvas. This bag is the eternal classic, the print is very versatile and it perfectly matches any colour of clothing you choose. Because it’s a top handle bag I usually choose it for a daily occasion; cocktail with my friends or a business meeting. When I end up filling my Speedy to it’s almost full capacity, which is almost unbelievable and rare, but it still happens sometimes, well in this case, it gets very uncomfortable to cary. I still gravitate towards this bag so many times and I simply can’t get enough of it.

To match the clothing, I chose my Massimo Dutti black leather knee-high boots which are absolutely breathtaking. Massimo Dutti is well known of making high quality leather goods which you can get on relatively normal prices. I’m a huge fan of this brand a couple of years now and I never went wrong with any of their pieces. This year I really needed new pair of boots, where ever I looked I saw over-knee boots and as much as I appreciate this trend and I understand this hype, I always like to choose something different, something that perfectly matches my personality. I of course, found a perfect piece on Massimo Dutti and I know, I’m going to wear them so much! For this look I combined them with Caledonia over-knee cashmere socks which look super chic and are the perfect minimal addition to this outfit.

You loves all know by now how much of a lover I am of Daniel Wellington brand. This brand sticks with me from my very first days of blogging and to be completely honest, I don’t plan to replace it in the future. Daniel Wellington offers such an extensive collection of watches and all of them are absolutely gorgeous. One of my favourite timepieces among them all is Cassic Petite Melrose with the rose golden mesh strap which almost looks like a bracelet. It’s beautifully designed, it’s very elegant, classic and simple and because of all that, it’s the perfect addition to any outfit you chose.

I always like to combine my Daniel Wellington watches with their Classic Cuffs which are also beautifully designed. Their minimalistic elegance is a perfect match to any their timepiece and my go-to piece of jewellery. You my loves can shop on and choose your favourite timepiece and a cuff to match it. You can shop with 15% off on entire order if you use my code ‘DASALAVRIC’.

I’m going to be back with Daniel Wellington very soon, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll soon know about what I’m talking about but for now, I’m coming back at you with the second part of this post, the outfit, up tomorrow. Good night loves!