I’ve been obsessed with the all-black outfits lately. I feel super comfortable wearing black clothes so I thought to share this outfit with you. As all my outfits is also this one, very simple.It’s a classy outfit with a touch of playfulness. I’m a huge fan of Zara frayed jackets, I just think they’re so well made and all of them are super chic. Whenever they come out with some new model, I immediately gravitate towards it. For this outfit I chose a black frayed jacket with rounded neck which makes it so adorable. I combined it with mini skirt that I like to wear so much in autumn and winter time just because it’s super warm, even though, it’s mini haha. This outfit combination is very simple as I mentioned before but if you want to spice it up, you can easily add a shirt, accessorise it with some bow necklace with brooch and you’ll look absolutely gorgeous for a dinner date or a night out with your girlfriends.

I choose to wear this outfit during the day, doing meetings and stuff, so I decided to match black clothing with super cozy Massimo Dutti knee-high boots which are a perfect addition to this look. In the combination with Caledonia over-knee cashmere socks they add a right amount of playfulness to this look and I really love it!

I wrote a post about the details yesterday, so if you want to know more, click here for more informations about them. I’ll be back next week with the battle of red lipsticks which I wear all the time. I’ve truly become obsessed with them so I’m already so excited to share them with you so stay around for tomorrow and good night!