Times when people said that Chanel has no creative concept are long gone. This summer time Chanel has proven that they can put out there not just a creative concept of makeup products but the whole new trend and trust me, they never disappoint. 

This summer time Chanel came out with the Ombre Première collection of eyeshadows which is more than just stunning and so inspiring. They created couples of Ombre Première long wear cream eyeshadow and Ombre Première longer powder eyeshadow which are meant to be combined together for a classic bold smudgy Chanel eye makeup look that we all Chanel lovers adore. Chanel is well known of simplicity in makeup which gives you the most beautiful results and this collection is exactly about that.

I’m a huge fan of Chanel Le Rouge n.1 collection, it’s my absolute favourite collection above them all. Chanel is also The Mother of red colour so I decided to try out the red couple from Ombre Première collection just because they perfectly supplement my favourite collection from Chanel.

You can use these eyeshadows separately if you want but the main game is in combining the two of them, cream and powder to get the perfect Chanel look. Chanel is well known of bold smudgy looks which are not hard to achieve but with these eyeshadows it’s very simple. Ombre Première longwear cream eyeshadow is meant to be some kinda base for Ombre Première longwear powder eyeshadow which you apply on top and blend upwards and the finish look is a gorgeous bold ombre smokey eye. You ladies can stick around for next weeks makeup look post and you’ll get some more informations about the application.

Ombre Première

As I wrote before, this two shades perfectly supplement Le Rouge n.1 collection. These colours are perfectly designed to be used together and I’m so excited because I use Le Rouge n.1 collection all the time, no matter what the time of the year is, this collection is my go-to and it’s always nice to find a product that perfectly fits in your daily makeup routine. Eyeshadows from Ombre Première collection are also very highly pigmented, there’s absolutely no fall out with the powder and cream applies super smoothly. It also doesn’t have drying formula so it blends perfectly and it works very nicely in blending with the powder too.

I highly recommend you ladies to check Ombre Première collection ladies and pick some colours that you adore, you’ll see, it’s more than worth of every penny. You’re again, more than welcome to stick around for next weeks makeup look post ladies! Good night.