Hi Loves,

I’m so happy to share with you this product just because it’s from the brand Remington which I absolutely adore and it’s been my one and only favourite brands of hair care products for many years now.

They’ve been so nice to send me a couple of fabulous products from the PRO Luxe collection. I already wrote a review on a straightener and now, I’m so excited to share with you PRO Luxe 32 mm Tong. This curler comes in a packaging that’s beautifully designed and very nicely protected which I think adds just some feel of luxury.

This curling iron is also beautifully designed, with all the rose golden details, it’s such a beauty. It also has integrated digital display where you set the heat temperature from 120°C – 210°C. It’s 32 mm tong is especially meant for all of you loves who have long hair. It’ll give you the most beautiful natural curls you can imagine and they last for quite some time.

I found so amazing that this product has Intelligent OPTIHeat technology which means that it optimally arranges the energy that will be used, it simply provides heat where it matters. How amazing is that?

Loves, I highly recommend you to check Remington official page for many more fabulous products! I’ll be back shortly with some new and tomorrow, I’ll be back with a beautiful new makeup look! Good night!