In autumn time I always like to play with matte shades and for this look I created for you my loves, full matte face makeup. If you forget about dramatic highlight haha.

This look is nothing more than simple. You can wear it to any occasion, anytime, the only thing about which you have to think about is your skin tone and choose the right colour shades.

I created this look with all colours perfectly matching; from the eyes to cheeks and to lips. All the colours are in a perfect symphony so nothing with this look doesn’t stand out too much, not even this bold lipstick colour that usually would. The only thing you have to do is to choose the right colours for your skin tone and match them together. Bold matte smokey eye with the cat eye is the best choice you can go for if you’re looking for a nice feminine look during the day and with some falsies, your eyes will stand our even more. Cheeks and lips are the next step on which I always pay much attention because both of this steps can easily and very quickly destroy everything. For this look I chose matte blush which I almost never use and the most stunning liquid lipstick colour from Feral Cosmetics which looks very unique and so ‘autumn’. The only light with this look is the perfect highlighter that I use from Zoeva Full spectrum Summer Strobe palette and it’s absolutely perfect for all you my loves with the warm skin tone.

I really hope you my loves got some inspiration with this post and I really hope that you’ll decide to recreate this look with me. I honestly like it so much and I know I’m going to wear similar looks much more in the near future just because they’re super easy to create and they look so chic and lovely. I’ll be back with the next post hopefully this weekend, till then, enjoy your week! Good night!