I wasn’t posting for a while just because I had a surgery and I’m still recovering but I feel much better so I decided to come back to you with first post this year and I’m so thrilled about it! For todays post I decided to share with you makeup look that’s a bit more settle but still very glam so you can easily wear it for any occasion.

This look was actually fully inspired by the latest launch of my favourite liquid lipstick brand, Feral Cosmetics. Recently they’ve launched three new shades from their liquid lipstick line and all three are absolutely stunning and they also are a perfect addition to the collection. I have to be honest now, I never get over excited for any nude lip colour, but for this one I was. Skin Tight is the most perfect nude lip colour for especially girls with the warm skin tone, it’s super opaque and absolutely gorgeous.


For eye makeup I combined two palettes from Urban Decay. From Ultimate Basics palette I chose all the matte basic eyeshadows which I combined with the copper eyeshadow from the Heavy Metals eyeshadow palette. These palettes my loves work perfectly together so in case if you own them both, don’t hesitate to use them together and play.

I really hope that you loves like this look and I highly hope that you got some inspiration for your own looks. I’ll be back with you tomorrow. Good night!