This time around we came back to Vienna in another collaboration with the Hotel Bristol. Most of you are very much familiar with this marvellous hotel from my previous posts and those who’re not, don’t worry, more posts from the hotel are coming up very soon. This time I just want to share with you the outfit that I wore on a beautiful summer day  in Vienna, elegant and of course super cozy. 

Since the Polka dot jumpsuit post I become slightly obsessed with the comfort of jumpsuits. I simply can’t fight the silhouette they offer so they really started to grow on me. I love them! This particular jumpsuit has a bit more oriental kinda vibes going on which I absolutely adore. I styled it into most simple and cozy outfit, perfect for the morning meetings and brunch occasions.

I will be back with you my loves next week! Have a lovely weekend ahead!

I WAS WEARING: Zara Jumpsuit, Zara sandals, Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories in Monogram, Gucci sunnies