Hi loves,

Since the winter still isn’t here in its full glory I have some time left to fully enjoy cold autumn days which scream after super cozy warm outfits that I love the most.

This outfit is super simple, just as I love it. Oversized knit sweater is super warm and cozy and it’s one of those pieces which you can combine in many different ways. It goes with almost everything you can imagine and it’s simply timeless for every girl who doesn’t like to complicate with her style, like me for example haha.

I’m all about the coziness and you all know that. For this look I decided to combine this oversized knit sweater with pleated midi skirt which is a fantastic choice any time. There’s just one thing that I’d like to point out about this outfit and that’s that no matter how skinny you are, you will look big in this outfit. This outfit is not flattering, it won’t emphasise your skinny figure, it’s right the opposite. If you don’t feel good in such an oversized outfit I recommend you to replace A- line skirt with the pencil one.

When it comes to me, I absolutely adore this combo but I’m very much sure that I will try to come up with some other looks with this oversized sweater just because I like it so much and as I wrote before, it goes with everything you can imagine.

As I promised you loves, I will post much more from now on so I will be back with you loves tomorrow with new style post. Hope you enjoyed this one.

Have a beautiful evening!