As I promised you last week, I’m back with the 1.st week update on my mani loves and I’m super excited to share with you a couple of thoughts.

I know it’s too early to say but it seems like that the strategy I came up with, is working and I think it’s going to work also when the nails will grow much longer. This week I decided to change the Shellac just because I was afraid some nails broke but none did. CND Shellac really seems to protect the natural nail, just as they claim it does. All nails were perfectly healthy and strong when I removed the gel colour and I didn’t have to peel much of the nail tips to achieve the perfect shape of it. You can clearly see the how my gel manicure started to grow out. That’s maybe because of my extensive use of OPI Avoplex haha but that’s also one product I tend to use a lot when I have my natural nails coated with anything gel-like, even when I use ‘healthy’ gel as it’s CND Shellac.

This time I did a manicure that’s inspired by the upcoming holidays. I created this Christmas mani with one of my all-time favourite Shellac gel colours, played with the glitters, stones and studdes and came up with this design which I hope you loves like.

I will be back with you with the Mani Monday series soon with the close-up gallery post and with the new super exciting post that I already can’t wait to share with you! Have a beautiful night!