Loves, We all do have out favourite colours to wear when it comes to clothing don’t we? I personally am a type of a person who usually likes to step out of the box when it comes to bright and different colour clothing, but my all-time favourite are all kinds of earthly tones which usually make me super calm and so ‘me’.
Earthly tones are also very easy to combine. There’s almost no way you can’t pull off a lovely bohemian outfit with them. This outfit was fully inspired by this cute plant print midi skirt which I love to wear so much lately. Since I’m a huge body-suit lover, I chose to wear one with this skirt and this combination loves, gives the most cozy feeling ever. I decided to wear corduroy jacket over top just because of it’s coziness and because of a perfect colour addition to the look.
You all loves know I’m all about the details and this time I’d like to share with you one of my latest watches which I recently received from Jacques Lemans. This ceramic beauty took my breath away since I first opened the box and I also decided to write a review on this collection loves, so stay around for that, it’s coming up very soon!
I will be back with you with the new post this weekend loves! Good night!