Hi loves,

I went through all my blog last week and observing my changing and learning process as a blogger and influencer during this past few years.

My blog has changed a lot and I know most of you’d agree that this is the right thing to do when you follow your path and write about things or thoughts that inspire you at that particular point.

I did just that so I can’t regret changing anything on my blog even though, I’m sorry not to be blogging more about makeup lately but I’ll let you know all about that in a very near future so now we’re here. You’re probably asking yourself since the beginning of this post why I started this series? To be honest with you, I didn’t want to start it at first just because my thing is to keep my thoughts and opinions just for myself and to share them only when asked, so that’s something very new to me, but I just feel that I have to write about this because I want to share a piece of myself and my mind with you. I met so many gorgeous, beautiful souls on social media, I’ve been in contact with so many of you, but I’ve never really opened myself to some personal conversations, to be honest, and no offence, that’s really hard though. I’m not a type of a person who can talk about everything to anyone and also here on my blog, I’ve never really written anything about myself personally, it was always about things and I’d like to change that, just a bit.

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In “My Life” series I would like to write more about things regarding my life, write about things that bother me and things that inspire me. I will be posting articles, photo galleries and videos from my everyday life. I feel like I own many of you who’ve been following me since the beginning to get to know me more.

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I will be posting in these series once a week and highly hope you’ll like it!

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