When you don’t plan things there comes to surprises right? I personally don’t like to plan much in my life besides my work and I don’t like surprises either. There were few surprises in my life which I will never forget but non of them beats this one so I decided to share it with all of you.

It all started when I was in Barcelona and my gorgeous future sister in law Ana (who is also the best mother to three beautiful children), sitting in her sofa, sipping her green tea, calmly said to my fiancé that I’m preparing to have a baby. He was so stunned by her certainty that he immediately told me what she’s said and we started to laugh but in the back of our minds I think we were both struggling with her observing, just because she’s always, well, almost always right. At that time we were also super busy with the work so we kinda forgot her words and just kept on with our everyday routine. When I came back in Ljubljana I figured that she might be right because I was missing my period and I also didn’t mark it for two previous months. This has happened to me before, sometimes I’m just careless when it comes to that and I know it’s not right but hey, what can I do. I again pushed her words in the back of my mind and just kept on with my life. Very soon after that I was meeting my best very friend Mateja (who is also a fabulous mother to a baby boy) and I told her everything that’s happened. She told me to get pregnancy test right away so we can figure out immediately what’s going on and I just wasn’t down to it. I thought she’s too excited without any reason so I didn’t do it. She is also very persistent when she wants to achieve something so I wasn’t surprised when she called me the next morning. She told me again to get pregnancy test and I just thought ok, I’m going to do it, just to make her stop. I was absolutely sure that she’s mistaken but in the back of my mind appeared Ana’s picture; her sipping her tea with her fun bun, saying out that words with her convinced eyes… I had to do that test.

Test was super positive in less them 10 seconds and I actually almost passed out. At that point I had to sit down in the bathroom waiting for my fiancé to come home and he brought me another, digital test which was also super positive. Then he almost passed out. We were sitting on the bathroom floor, laughing, then crying and laughing and this went on for at least 15 minutes. Nothing in this world can’t explain the magnitude of happiness and the fear that goes through you at that point. Next week we finally got a clear answer from my gynaecologist; we were pregnant three months! Shocked again haha. We needed few days to get ourselves back together but yet, we’re so happy.

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Anyways loves, I wanted to share this experience with you just because it happens to us once or a few times in a lifetime and I think every and each one of our experiences is so special and it marks our life in the most beautiful way.

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As you might already figure out, my content will change a bit in the future and I’m very much looking forward to it. I really hope you’ll like it!

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I will be back with you very soon loves!

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