Mysterious, powerful, irresistibly sexy and irrepressibly spirited, as I promised you ladies, I’m back with the second review on my favourite products from the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance collection. When it comes to skin care I usually get very picky and it doesn’t matter if it’s about face or body products. The main reason for this are ingredients and because I had a very hard time finding my perfect product combination I’m very excited to share these with you. As per usual these products come in a beautiful packaging, it feels very luxurious and well made.

When it comes to fragrance I always like to combine a couple of products together just because some days I don’t want to wear much of a perfume, especially in hot summer days. Coco Mademoiselle collection was designed this way, you can pick a couple of your favourite products from the collection and you simply combine them as you wish, depending on your mood and that’s exactly what I really like about this collection. These two products are my absolute favourite and I use them all the time, especially in a summer time. I like to combine these two products together especially because they give me the smoothest skin with a gorgeous glowy moisture of which I become addicted actually to be completely honest. Besides that, combination of these two products give me the most elegant and mysterious mist that doesn’t stand out too much, it’s kinda settle, yet very strong.

The first product that I adore is a moisturising body lotion. Ladies, I tried too many body lotions out there and not even one of them can’t get even close to this one. Coco Mademoiselle body lotion is very lightweight, the skin absorbs it quickly and it moistures my skin for so many hours during the day. The fragrance feels very heavy when I’m applying it, I feel vibrant notes of orange, a tiny amount of May Rose and the elegance of my favourite, Patchouli. After ten minutes when the skin absorbs it, the fragrance gets much softer and it stays so for many hours. My favourite combination with this product is fresh moisture mist which is a body spray that adds more fragrance and it makes your skin even glower because it contains tiny micro sparkles.

My perfect summer fragrance combination is a combination of mentioned body products and fresh hair mist. This combination ladies, is my all time favourite but as I wrote before, you can simply combine all these together depending on your mood, occasion and wishes.

Really hope that you ladies enjoyed this post, I honestly love this collection and I really hope that you’ll try some of these products out! Good night ladies.