You know that summer nights when you have nothing planned at all and then all of a sudden you find yourself into the most exciting and fun summer night ever? We’ve all been there weren’t we? Well loves, this look is inspired exactly about that, it’s spontaneous, fierce, happy, colourful and so fun!

For eye makeup I created a very dramatic cut-crease look using combination of purples and peachy colours and this colour combo is one of my favourites for the summer time. This colour combo stands out so much and it looks stunning especially with the bronzed skin. You have so many different options for face makeup with this look and that all depends on your personal preferences. I always like to choose colours instead nudes, but that’s just me, I love colours so much so I just can’t help myself not to paint my face with as much colours as I possibly can haha. By no means, you’ll look gorgeous if you choose some nudes with soft peachy or pink undertone insead.

For this look I went back to my Zoeva Rose Golden eyeshadow palette which is one of my favourites from their collection. I combined it with Urban Decay’s Electric palette and they work perfectly together. For face makeup I chose Zoeva Rose Golden face palette which is always a perfect match with Rose Golden eyeshadow palette although you use only one eyeshadow from the palette. As you all know me by now, I had to add some pop of colour on my lips so I used Kiko Milano’s stylo with a glossy finish which adds this look that perfect amount of playfulness.

I’m so happy to share this fun summer look with you loves and I really hope that you found some inspiration for your own creativity. Stay around for more exciting posts this week loves!

PRODUCTS: PRODUCTS: Face- Le Blanc de Chanel base, Perfection Lumiére Velvet foundation 02, Soleil Tan de Chanel, Poudre Universelle Compacte 03, Zoeva Rose Golden face palette, Eyes- Urban Decay Electric palette, Zoeva Rose Golden eyeshadow palette, Caligraphie de Chanel eyeliner, Chanel Dimensions de Chanel mascara, Ardell Fasies 117; Lips- Kiko Milano Precision Lip Liner 414 and Kiko Milano Mirage Lip style 11, Nails- Lancôme Vernis in Love Grain de Foile