I’m a huge fan of colourful nail polishes and when it comes to summer time I usually go crazy with painting my nails in every colour possible. In this article I really want so share with you my favourite turquoise nail colours just because it’s such a statement nail colour for this season and hopefully you’ll find some of them interesting.

I get annoyed sometimes when it comes to turquoise shades just because people usually mistaken them with emerald or mint colours which are in my opinion totally different. Turquoise is a true colour between green and blue and it’s usually supplemented with gold, green, blue or purple undertone, with nail polishes the undertone is this usually clearly seen in glitters. I always like to choose from classic nail colours and metallics in my collection. Which one I choose usually depends on how fresh is the gel layer on my nails and that’s just because I don’t want the ridge between the gel layer and my natural nail to be seen even though it’s very thin.

Summer turquoise


Summer turquoise

My favourite turquoise shades are from well known brands that I usually mention on my blog. All of these nail polishes are very high quality and they all last very long on nails.

Summer turquoise
swatches from left to right: LANCÔME 501b, CHANEL nail colour 707 Mediterranée, CHANEL nail colour 657 Azurè, LANCÔME 103, KIKO MILANO nail laquer 521

Really hope that you loves enjoyed this post and I hope you’ll stick around for the next upcoming summer makeup look about which I’m really excited because it’ll be the perfect match to turquoise nails! Good night!