DANIEL WELLINGTON- Free Strap Campaign

Hi ladies,

As you all know by now, I’m a huge fan of Daniel Wellington watches. Daniel Wellington is a brand that’s very special to me and during this year I really got attached to it. It’s one of those brands which has that special place so whenever they come out with a new campaign or a new model I get super excited and I want to share everything with you ladies immediately.

This time, Daniel Wellington has launched a Free Strap Campaign which is on my opinion simply fantastic because when you purchase a watch on their page, you also get a free strap. How amazing is that!

I chose the watch that I admired for quite some time now. It’s a beautiful classic timepiece which has the name that’s more than appropriate for it and it fits this beauty perfectly. This gorgeous timepiece is called Classy. Tell me ladies, how creative is this name! Classy Bristol watch has a 26mm white face diameter, it’s decorated with Swarovski crystals and rose gold details.

Besides Classy Bristol watch I also chose a strap St Mawes which is my favourite. I also really admire the design of all these details on Daniel Wellington watches, look at all these detail photos. Simplicity in these beautiful details is just breathtaking.

I’m such a huge lover of these watches ladies and I’m so thankful to Daniel Wellington that they extended my collection for one more gorgeous watch. Classy Bristol is such an elegant and endless timepiece that I am going to wear all the time and hopefully you ladies are going to check this campaign on their official page. You can shop with 15% off your purchase if you use my code ‘DASAL’. Free worldwide shipping is also included. Please feel free to check their page ladies https://www.danielwellington.com/global/ and choose your favourite watch in their beautiful collection. Trust me, you won’t replace it, ever. Well, only with the new DW watch hihi.

Good night!