Hi Loves!

I wasn’t posting for almost one week and I’m super excited to be back with all of you. From next week on I’ll post 5-6 posts in one week so I really hope you’ll stick around with me hhihih.

As you all know by now, I’m completely mesmerized by the simplicity and elegance of Chanel makeup and I’m thrilled to share my latest everyday look with you. I wear this look almost every day lately and I simply can’t get enough of it. This look is fully created with Chanel products which are designed to be combined if you want to achieve the perfect ‘Chanel look’. This look is very classy and what I like the most about it, are red lips.

I have a love affair with red lipsticks at this point loves, they’ve become my go-to everyday lip colour and I’m not thinking of changing that. Red lipsticks are also very handy when you don’t have much time to play with makeup; you simply apply mascara, a tiny amount of blush, red lipstick and you’re more than ready to go. This look is very similar to which I just mentioned but in this case I played with Chanel Ombre Première eyeshadows which give you the fastest and far more than just elegant look on the eyes. You can easily combine them with the Ombre Première eyeshadow palettes, in this case, Road Movie palette from the Travel Diary collection was the perfect match.

I always like to combine colours of face makeup and nails and this time, I did it with the perfectly matching colour on my lower lash line. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and detailed to the point that looks just perfectly. I settled this look with the nude bronzy cheeks and added the pop of colour that I like the most; the red lips.

I really hope that you loves get some inspiration for your own creativity with this look. I’ll be cack tomorrow with the Mani Monday series. Good night loves!