From time to time I like to escape my everyday routine so what’s the best way to do that? Travel? As you all my loves who follow me on Instagram know by now, I was invited to spend few days in one of most luxury hotels in Zagreb which I want to share with you now. 

Hotel Dubrovnik is located in the very heart of Zagreb, Croatia. It has the most perfect location you can possibly seek for when you travel to big cities and not just to mention that, it has the best possible views to the down town and it’s attractions. As I mentioned before, Hotel Dubrovnik is located in the main Zagreb square, Ban Jelačić Square, so you have only few steps to join the beat of this beautiful city; visit attractions, shop or experience the cuisine, everything is just a step away from your hotel.

Since I was too busy I didn’t have much opportunity to explore the city, I spent most of my time in the hotel, creating content for you my loves so hopefully I’ll be back with more posts about Zagreb city vibes next time. For now, I’d really like to share with you my day in Hotel Dubrovnik. My day can get quite boring (for observers haha) to be completely honest with you and most of the time it feels I’m not even present. I’m always working; my cell phone is my main accessories, it simply doesn’t leave my hands and if it does, I’m usually taking photos or I’m right behind my computer editing or writing an article so it’s really important for me that I always choose the cosiest accommodation when I travel. Hotel Dubrovnik is the perfect choice especially when you’re looking to mix pleasure with work just because it’s phenomenal cozy accommodation anywhere in the hotel. I usually start to work immediately when I wake up so the additional furniture with cozy chairs and mini table was quite handy. Not just to mention the morning coziness, their cuisine is very much worth to experience. I ate every meal in the hotel just because it was so delicious that I simply couldn’t resist to try almost everything I wanted to from their menu so that’s also fantastic. During the day, I don’t have much time to wander around the city, shopping and looking for a restaurant to eat; I prefer to have everything I need in my hotel just because it makes my day much easier and Hotel Dubrovnik offered me much more than just that.

As I wrote before, I spent most of the time in the hotel so the second most important thing for me is that the hotel has a bar where I can work on my computer so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered a lovely bar in hotels lobby where I spent most of my time drinking tea and working. I also have to mention the loveliest staff in the hotel. I’ve never in my life came across to such a nice people that I did there, a couple of individuals really made my every single day and I can’t wait to visit you again! I’ll definitely bring ‘kremšnite’, as I promised 🙂

I highly hope that you my loves enjoyed this post even though it was a bit different and I’m very much looking forward to continue with this type of posts. I’ll be back with you on Tuesday with another post from Hotel Dubrovnik and it’s going to be a very exciting one!

Good night loves!