I’m all about the bright lips and spring/summer season is the best to play with different shades of red lipsticks which are my absolute favourite ones. 

Red colour can come in various different shades and to be honest with you, I don’t like when most of the people devalue it and think that only the classic red is the right and only one. That’s absolutely not true. You can find this beautiful colour in such a variation of colours, it’s almost endless. My favourite “spring version” of red is definitely magenta red in medium tone just because it flatters my skin tone the most.

I tend to wear this look a lot lately. I like it so much because it’s very classy, simple and sophisticated and I can easily play with different earthly toned eyeshadows, liner lines and false lashes. You can recreate it into your own look as you wish, just pay attention to match all the shades perfectly.

I’ll be back with you my loves tomorrow with the gallery post of products I used for this look!