Hi loves,

Whenever it comes to festive Holiday makeup looks, glitters always stand out. This seasons most acknowledgeable trend is gold glitter eye makeup and I’m so happy to share this look that I created with you.

Although this look screams glam, you can still wear it during the day, at least I did. It’s still settle and subtile just because there are no additional dramatic colours added to the eyes. When I decide to create glittery eye makeup, I usually like it to have it’s own pop. You can do this easily by matching similar colours, to create the shape of the eye, to blend or just to add dimension to the eyes. For eye makeup I combined Chanel eyeshadows with bb4b cosmetics eye glitter on top and the reason I do that is just because I want to achieve some drama, always.

For this look I also decided to apply a pop of red on my lips just because it’s my absolute favourite lip colour to wear. I don’t know what’s going with me lately but I wear red lip all the time, every single day actually. I combine it with every possible eye makeup, for every occasion, it’s become my absolute must-have colour so I decided to write an article about my favourite ones, coming up this week.

Hope you all my loves liked this post and I highly hope that you get some inspiration for your own creativity for upcoming Holiday glam, even though, this look is very universal. I’ll be back tomorrow with the review on my latest favourite palette! Good night!