This look is fully inspired by the love and passion that I have to the band to which I had to say goodbye last week, after 17 years of listening to their music. This look is fiery, powerful and colourful and very much appropriate to be worn on a night out or any festive occasion. 

Since I have the natural tone to my skin, I combined all the earthly tones so I could achieve the perfect symphony with the finish look. I created a beautiful smoky cat eye with the pop of very dramatic falsies which always add a perfect amount of dramatisation to every look. For this look I used Urban Decay Naked Heat eyeshadow palette which has become my favourite nude palette at this moment.

You loves know, I’m a very colourful type of a person, at least when it comes to my eye makeup so I had to give this palette a shot, just to see what’s capable of. It completely stunned me. This eye makeup came out beautifully blended, super dramatic and absolutely stunning, just like I love it. Just because the eye makeup pops out so much, I did a very nude face makeup; a very soft cheek contour and luminous blush on top with a tiny amount of highlighter. For lipstick I again chose red, of course haha but if you don’t feel very comfortable to wear red lipstick with such a dramatic eye makeup, you can easily replace it with some nude, you’ll look gorgeous anyway.

I really hope that you my loves liked this post and I highly hope that you become some inspiration your your own Holiday look! I’ll be back tomorrow with the review on the latest Urban Decay reliese about which I’m super excited and with some new makeup looks later this week! Good night!