I have no plans for New Year’s Eve, I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll do, the only thing about which I’m thinking about right now are makeup looks for this festive night. I came up with few of them, every and each of them is very different and I’m going to share three with you; one today, another tomorrow and the last on Saturday.

Today’s look is about the latest trend that’s going on last couple of days and that’s the glitter lips. I have to be honest, I’m usually not that down with makeup trends, I think that the most important thing in makeup art is to find your true self and follow your own path, makeup trends are there just to encourage your creativity. You can always create a look with the twist; add some colour, additional glitter, cut crease or use another shade of lipstick. There are no limits in the makeup world so don’t ever be afraid to create something your very own.

For this look I wanted it to be still very wearable and super sexy for all my single ladies out there who won’t be looking for a midnight kiss. I created a completely matte nude eye makeup perfectly matching with the glowy face which is a perfect choice whenever you want to create a very dramatic lip. This way, the lips always stand out as much as possible. This lip is super dramatic, much more than any other so I highly recommend you to be very careful with the eye and face makeup.

You can achieve this ombre glittery lip very easily actually. I used a Kate Von D liquid lipstick Nahz Fur Atoo and while it was drying I applied first glitter base on the centre of the lips and left it for couple of minutes to dry. Then I applied Kiko Milano glitter glue in a very centre and applied additional gold glitter to achieve the perfect ombre lip. You can use your fingers to apply glitter or a very dense synthetic brush that doesn’t move at all.

I’ll be back tomorrow with you my loves with a very dramatic cut-crease eye makeup about which I’m already super excited!