As I promised you, I’m back with such an exciting post and at this point I feel I can burst of happiness. This post is about the latest launch of my favourite liquid lipstick brand Feral Cosmetics and as per usual, they nailed it.I can’t put into words how happy I am for the success of this brand loves because not just that they deserve it, they were working very hard for it. Feral Cosmetics is relatively young brand and in a very short period of time, the awerness of the quality of their products just exploded on social media. Everybody talked about it, every girl loved it, so of course I had to try it! I was never a huge fan of liquid lipsticks because of some weird reason they don’t work on me and honestly, I didn’t have high expectations about these either. I was more than pleasantly surprised when their liquid lipstick lasted on my lips for a couple of hours, it stayed just as I applied it and I immediately completely fell in love with their formula. I’m so happy that they managed to extend the collection for three new colours that perfectly compliment the already existing colours in the collection.

As I mentioned, these liquid lipsticks have some magical formula that’s the best I’ve ever tried. The colour of these is super opaque, beautiful and smooth and it last for so long. I already know that I’m going to wear these all the time so bare with me in the future haha. All of you my loves who haven’t try these liquid lipsticks, you’re missing so much! You can choose from a few beautiful nude shades and also between a couple of stunning dark bold ones. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a couple of colours that will perfectly match your skin tone so go ahead and choose them! You can shop on Feral Cosmetics official page and my loves from Europe, you can also shop Feral cosmetics on Beautychamber. You can also check my blog post reviewing their first launch in case you’re wondering about the swatches.

From left to right: Home Wrecker, Skin Tight, Berry Sexy

Loves, I highly hope that you got some interesting informations in this post and I hope that you’ll try out these liquid lipsticks if you already haven’t. They’re much more than just worth it! I’ll be back with the new post this weekend! Good night.