I know I wasn’t posting for quite some time and I’m super excited to be back with you! From now on, I’m going to post 4-5 times a week as I used to so I really hope you’ll stick around with me. For this post I was struggling with thinking about which theme to cover first and I decided to first share with you my travel back to Vienna which was more than just exciting and it was so much fun!

This time in Vienna, I had the great pleasure to collaborate with one of the greatest and well-known hotels in Vienna, Hotel Bristol where I stayed for couple of nights in the most hospitable environment you can imagine. Hotel Bristol is a historic luxury hotel in Vienna that boasts oneself with very rich history that reaches 120 years into the past and trust me, once you walk in that door, you almost immediately feel it. The art-deco story in this hotel never ends; from the main entrance, lobby, dinning hall, back to the bar, stairs, elevator and not to mention rooms, ohh it’s the heavenly place to visit for anyone who appreciates the history of art and enjoys in such an atmosphere.

Hotel Bristol is located very close to Vienna State Opera so it enjoys the absolutely unique location and it has long been appreciated by numerous celebrities from the music business and also by the individuals who appreciate the history and exclusivity of Hotel Bristol Vienna. More about this astonishing hotel is going to be on my fiancés page very soon so stay around for that but for now, I’d love to share with you this sophisticated outfit that you can wear anytime.

For this day I chose an outfit that I wouldn’t usually wear during the all day but this time I kinda felt like wearing it so I went for it and I loved it! I combined midi skirt with the tailored white shirt which I accessorised with the green bow which I like so much just because it kinda reminds me on a bandeau but that’s a different story. This outfit wouldn’t be complete without chic cardigan so I added one. For shoes I chose patent-leather derby shoes with the stud details that make them super girly and so cute.

Since I was staying is such a fantastic hotel which offered me much more than just a stay, I again, spent so much time in it and after a long day of shootings and meetings I simply enjoyed time in our beautiful Junior suite.

Hope you all my loves have a lovely weekend ahead, I’ll be back with more makeup and style posts soon!