I can’t put into words how crazy my last week was and now when my days are much more peaceful I’m so happy to be back with you with the new style post from Zagreb. 

This time in Zagreb I was again staying in the Hotel Dubrovnik Zagreb which offered us as per usual, the best possible accommodation. I had much more time to discover the city while I was there the second time so the first day I decided to visit the old town on Zagreb which is lovely and absolutely mesmerising. The tiny streets are packed with the local shops, restaurants and bars, you can easily feel that old Croatian city vibe and culture there and it’s absolutely a must to visit. For an outfit I chose pieces that made me as comfortable as possible so what else to pick as mom jeans! You all my loves know my love affair with mom jeans, they’ve become my daily essential fashion piece at this point. I wear them almost every single day and this time I decided to combine them with the frayed shirt and I love the look so much. For shoes I went with playful stilettos and for bag my beloved Speedy B 24 in Monogram canvas.

I’ll be back with you my loves this week with more makeup posts! Have a lovely evening!