I’m back with the promised post that I really wanted to share with you for so long because I’m very much excited about these products and till this day loves, I repurchased some of them. 

I know the most of you are very much familiar with the MAC Cosmetics but I wasn’t till recently. I was never attacked to this brand to be completely honest with you just because it was everywhere. Then they opened a store in Ljubljana where I live and I became curious about the brand. I made a visit and the first day I went out with the full bag of goodies which is very rare for me, I’m simply too picky. I purchased so many products but only few of them became my favourite and those I want to share with you today.

I’m all about the face makeup lately to be completely honest with you, I actually barely put some effort into the eye makeup. I never thought I’d enjoy full coverage foundation with the matte finish so much until I found this one. This foundation is phenomenal, it actually has a medium to full buildable coverage which means you can easily apply additional layers one on top of the other until you get the coverage you prefer. It’s super comfortable to wear, I didn’t have any break out issues or anything and it also has SPF 15 protection which is also very nice.


The second product I absolutely love (especially in a combination with the mentioned foundation) is Pro Longer Concealer. We all know how important is to find a perfect concealer don’t we loves? It’s one of the most important and practical products for face makeup in my opinion. I’m super excited that I found this one just because it’s absolutely perfect. Pro Longwear Concealer is a very lightweight liquid, full coverage concealer that covers all the flaws, dark spots, skin discolourations and of course under eye circles. I usually like to use it just a bit under my eyes for a lifting effect. The third product that I always use on top of my foundation is Mineralise Skinfinish pressed powder which has a medium coverage and natural finish, exactly what you’d look for to apply on top of the full coverage foundation.


If you my loves haven’t try out these products (which I doubt), I highly recommend you to do. They all work perfectly on me and I simply adore the combination of these. They give me the most perfect skin finish I can imagine.

I’ll be back with you hopefully tomorrow with the makeup look post. Good night.