Any anniversary is something special, that say. I completely agree with those people but there’s always something that can really make you remember it forever…

… and I will definitely remember this one.

At the Bristol Vienna is not just enough to offer you a luxury stay, they have to spoil you in every way possible. As we announced that our anniversary is coming up they immediately came up with few outstanding surprises which really make our stay even more special.

It’s not crazy to say that at this point, we felt like at home at the Bristol so we decided to celebrate our anniversary here. It was the best choice we’ve ever made for our anniversary.

Sorry to all of my makeup lovers but I didn’t pay much attention to the makeup that evening and to be completely honest with you, when I travel, I usually wear almost no makeup just because I don’t have time to play with it. For this date night I decided to wear a beautiful boho floating midi dress with adorable embossed details which I absolutely adore and if you love it, go and check Zara official store. They always have so many of these bohemian dresses available.

Anyways, my future husband always has plenty of time to pay lots of attention to his own looks haha! Ok, jokes aside.

The one thing that fascinates me the most about this hotel over and over again loves is the hospitality of their staff. All of them! They all seem so happy and cozy to work here, they’re all very welcoming, helpful and sincerely kind to every and each single guest. It’s very fascinating and very much worth to experience this!

Bristol Vienna also abides by very high quality cuisine and in the few days of our stay we’ve been lucky enough to try out many of their dishes. Some of them I decided to share also in this post.